What is a Florida Basic Driver Improvement Course?

You’ve found yourself in a poor situation with the status of your license, so now what? Some sentences are more severe than others, but you can do your part to change the outcome by taking a 4 hour BDI course Florida online. Today we’ll explain what a Florida Basic Driver Improvement course is, when you need to take one, and how it can help you.

What is a Florida BDI?

A Basic Driver Improvement course is a way for you to learn about safe driving techniques. These courses can be great for beginner drivers who would like to learn more about the driving task as well as individuals who have points on their license or outstanding tickets and are looking to resolve those tickets with the court or and prevent a ticket from going on their driving record.

The format of the course differs slightly depending on where you take it (Classroom or Online). However, all Florida DMV approved courses last four hours and cover topics that will aid drivers to be safer behind the wheel in the future.

When Do You Need to Take a BDI?

If you’ve received an infraction that has or could go on your license, you will most likely need to take a BDI course. The Florida Highway Safety department lists the following scenarios as likely to necessitate a BDI program:

  • Opting to attend a BDI school as opposed to receiving points on your license
  • After being in an at-fault automobile collision resulting in hospitalization
  • Having two collisions within a two-year period with over $500 in property damage


Any of these convictions:

  • Passing a school bus with a deployed stop signal
  • Racing on a highway or spectating a race
  • Reckless driving
  • Running a red light

Not all drivers can opt into taking a BDI. This includes drivers who:

  • Currently hold a Commercial Driver License
  • Have taken the BDI course five times previously
  • Are cited for speeding 30 MPH+ above the speed limit
  • Previously elected to attend a BDI course within the last 12 months

How Can a BDI Course Help You?

As mentioned above, some Florida drivers have the option to take a BDI course to lessen the severity of convictions or sentences related to their driver’s license. A driver charged with a moving violation that is eligible to complete a BDI course will receive many benefits which include the following if the take the course:

  • Exemption from points being added to your license
  • Improved insurance claim outcomes
  • Withheld adjudication of guilt

Insurance companies cannot impose or request any additional premiums, cancel a policy, or send a non-renewal notice due to any traffic infraction where adjudication has been withheld. Additionally, no points are added onto your license. The exception to this policy is if the traffic infraction involved a collision in which the insurer was at fault, and the insurance company suffered a loss.

We hope this guide has helped you to understand what a 4 hour BDI course Florida online involves and how it can help you. Are you ready to keep your driving record clean? Ticket School offers the most engaging and effective BDI courses in Florida.