BITSAT 2019 is to be held in May 2019 and thus, there is still some good amount of time left for the exam. BITSAT 2019 takes you to the most desired engineering campuses of the country like the BITS Pilani, and therefore it becomes a really important exam.

If you have not started your preparation for BITSAT yet, then you should not be too worried as you still can get a decent score in the exam. As they say, “it’s never too late,” you should not be worried about the thing that you have lesser time left. Further, you shouldn’t start too late as the competition is pretty high.

But how do you start? The simple answer is by getting the books. And which books to get? Well, we are here to tell you that. Today, we will give you a list of most recommended books for BITSAT 2019, which will help you ace this exam easily. So lets us not waste any more time and walk you straight through that list. Here we go: –

Concepts of Physics by HC Verma

Concepts of Physics by HC Verma is probably the most popular and the best book for preparation of Physics Section. It is used widely by JEE and BITSAT 2019 aspirants and is certainly a must solve book.

The book explains the concepts of the subjects in the smoothest manner, and lets you understand physics in the most practical ways. Further, the questions in this book are arranged in increasing level of difficulty, which builds your confidence. Well, if you still have doubts, go and talk to some JEE and BITSAT 2019 aspirants, they will surely recommend you this one.

Organic Chemistry by MS Chouhan

Organic Chemistry by MS Chouhan is another widely recommended book for BITSAT 2019. What makes MS Chouhan a great book is the fact it has diverse variety of questions and topics. So once you complete this book, you can be rest assured that hardly any question in BITSAT 2019 will be outside its ambit.

Further, it has got ample practice questions to clear any engineering exam. So make sure that you complete the book to get the best scores in BITSAT 2019.

Physical Chemistry by N Awasthi

If you want to make sure that you want to practice a sufficient number of questions of Physical Chemistry, then this is the book for you. Majorly a practice book, Physical Chemistry by N Awasthi makes sure that get used to Physical Chemistry.

However, one thing you need to take care of that the theory or the conceptual part is covered well from NCERT books or any other recommended source. This one is an excellent practice book only.

Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma

This one is another nice choice for BITSAT 2019. For mathematics, Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma perform pretty well for both theory and practice.

If you can complement the learnings of this book with the practice of past year JEE / BITSAT papers, then you will surely become pretty good at Mathematics. Therefore, this one surely deserves a place in the best books for BITSAT 2019.

Mathematics Books by Arihant Publications (7 books)

Mathematics is a pretty tough subject and generally requires practice from diverse sources. And therefore, this set of books from Arihant can be used in conjunction with Objective Mathematics by RD Sharma.

And since this has 7 books, you can be assured that you do not miss any important point. Arihant Publications has done a fantastic job in making such a perfect set of books for Mathematics, which is more than enough for BITSAT 2019. Therefore, this one is another excellent choice if you are looking to buy your books for BITSAT 2019.

BITSAT English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning by Disha Publications

English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning is important section of BITSAT 2019, despite it is the smallest section. Well, there is no point ignoring this section, and thankfully it is not too hard to ace this section.

This book has enough theory and practice material to help you get good marks in this section. Surely, this is a must have book for BITSAT 2019.

BITSAT Prep Guide by Arihant Publications

This book is an excellent choice for those who are majorly preparing for JEE but will also be writing BITSAT 2019. Well, although most of the syllabus is same, but one has to adjust himself/herself according to a particular exam. And this book is a perfect way to adjust yourself.

This one is touted as the best sellingself study guide for BITSAT 2019. It has study material for all the subjects. Further, it also contains 5 practice sets and some past year papers too.

While these were some most recommended books for BITSAT 2019, but there are some other books which definitely need to be considered. Like NCERT Text books of Class 11 and 12 are definitely needed. In fact, for Inorganic Chemistry, NCERT books are close to enough for BITSAT 2019. You can try some more books, but the ones mentioned above are surely must-have ones.