Master in social work is one of the most advantageous postgraduate programmes. In recent years, employment for this sector has been rapidly increased and ample options have been available for people pursuing masters in social work.
Degree holders have a lot of options to choose from and can apply in any one the following genres:

  • Government programs
  • School counselling
  • Hospitals
  • Private counselling
  • Non- government organizations

In the present scenario, the need for more people is required in the above mention sectors and with the boom in technology to become a master of social work is an easy affair. People who are willing can apply online to a various number of universities that offers the master in the social work programme. Below is the list of all the universities that offer Master in social work.

Northeastern University
This University offers a Master of the Social work programme. It prepares their students to work in various government organizations and NGOs to enable better results and help people.

Boston University
Boston University offers this program as part-time as well as full-time. Master of Social work emphasizes various human experiences and it is taught by the esteemed faculties of the university.

Columbian University, Columbia School of Social Work
Columbia School of Social work provides an online Master of a social work degree program. It provides ample knowledge of professional skills and values to the students.

Indiana University
An online Master of Social Work program is a unique approach to prepare students for various organizations. All the students enrolled in an online course have the access to University’s expansive library system.

Fordham University, Graduate School of Social Service
Fordham University provides a real-life experience to its students with classroom instructions. It offers an online master of social service degree through its Graduate School of Social service.

Virginia Commonwealth University, School of Social Work
Virginia Commonwealth University is a public research university that includes intensive coursework in the master of social work degree. The curriculum is developed in such a manner that it helps the students to enhance their critical-thinking and decision-making skills.

University of Southern California
The University is an oldest private research University that offers Master of social work degree through its School of Social work. Through various issues, theories and practice methods it develops an integrated base of skills, knowledge, and values in students.

University of Buffalo SUNY
The University of Buffalo SUNY offers a wide variety of graduate, postgraduate and doctoral programs on campus as well as online. Master of Social work degree integrates human rights and trauma-informed perspectives along with social welfare history and policy.

Arizona State University
Arizona State University provides an online master of the social work degree program. The curriculum of the university focuses on Advanced Generalist studies and effective pair research evidence practices.

University of Louisville
Kent School of Social work under the University of Louisville offers an online Master in Social Work degree which prepares students to make a positive change in the society. The curriculum mainly focuses on health, mental health, community, and international practices.

Case Western Reserve University
The University offers an online Master of Science in Social Administration program that provides graduates with practical knowledge which is imperative for careers in Social Work.

Florida State University, College of Social Work
Florida State University is known for offering quality education to about 41,700 students. It offers the master of social work program through its College of Social work and prepares a student to work with diverse client problems and systems.

University of Tennessee—Knoxville
The University offers an online Master of Social work degree to thousands of students every year. The degree program includes an intense curriculum with hands-on internship experience. It prepares the students to address the needs of people.

The Catholic University of America, National Catholic School of Social Service
It is a private pontifical university that was established in 1887. An online Master of Social Work degree program is offered by its National School of Social Service that maintains and enhances the psychological, spiritual and physical well-being of people.

Simmons College
Simmons College is a private women-focused college that offers an online Master of Social work degree through the Simmons School of Social Work that teaches students to work with the community.

Colorado State University
Colorado State University is a public research university that features an advanced curriculum of Social Work and promotes global well-being as well as Human rights.

Widener University, Centre of Social Work Education
the Widener University offers a master of social work online degree which emphasizes trauma in mental health challenges.

University of Houston
It is among the largest Universities in states that prepares students in complex challenging situations. The online degree program introduces the students to the social work community.

University of New Hampshire

The University of New hemisphere offers the MSW program to prepare students to work with different families, organizations and communities.

The University of Alabama, School of Social Work
It prepares graduates to improve the social condition of society and promote justice. The online MSW program increases the knowledge about social problems and solutions.