Top 10 Benefits of Python Training That Are Available For the Fresh Graduates

If you are a fresh graduate then you should first get trained in Python programming. It is simple to learn and it is also the first step to learn other computer programming languages such as PERL, C++, and C and so on. When you are first time working for any kind of coding language then Python definitely is the best thing to start with. Most of the corporates giants such as IBM, Google, Nokia, and Yahoo also use this popular programming language. Do you want to know more? Here are a few benefits of receiving Python training that you should be aware of:

Simple syntax

As already mentioned, this programming language is simple to learn and therefore, both the programmers as well as the non-programmers may learn it without much difficulty.

Easy Readability

Since the syntax of Python is clear its program code is also very easy to understand. It is also called ‘executable pseudo-code’ since the syntax uses the common conventions that are usually followed by the programmers to outline the ideas and for that, they do not need any kind of formal verbosity of the code on other programming languages. Python is used to prototype as well as test code that is implemented in other computer programming languages.

High-Level Language

The experts usually recommend python training in Kolkata or Delhi to those who want to excel in IT career.  Python seems more like a human language and it is also easily readable. It, therefore, gives you the scope to do programming at the faster rate than any other programming language.


As an object-oriented programming language, it helps you to develop the data structure that is re-used and also decreases the total amount of repetitive task that you may need to perform. In fact, Python’s biggest support of object-oriented computer programming is one of the biggest advantages for the new programmers since they may be encountering the similar terminology as well as concepts in their respective work environment.

Available at free of cost

Python programming is open source and free. In fact, the Python Software Foundation actually distributes ready-made binaries that are available at free of cost for use on the operating systems such as CPython. You may also use the source code of CPython. Moreover, you may modify any source code as well as distribute it as permitted by the license of CPython.


It runs on all the main operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X as well as Linux.

Widely Supported

This programming language has the support community along with several websites, mailing lists and so on that can attract several knowledgeable as well as valuable contributes.

Safe and secured

It does not have pointers like other C programming based languages thereby making it quite a reliable one. The errors can be easily detected and can also help you to see as well as read why this program at all crashed and where exactly you need to make the correction.

Inclusion of standardized library modules

There are over three hundred standard library modules that include diverse classes as well as modules for multiple programming tasks. For instance, this standard library consists of modules for mapping up the files into the memory, safely developing temporary files, controlling compressing as well as decompressing files and so on.


Besides the standard libraries, several freely available libraries, add-on modules, frameworks, toolkits and the like are available. They usually conform to the similar conventions as well as standards, for instance, almost all the database adapters conform to Python DBAPI and therefore, can be easily accessible using the similar code. It is also simple to modify the Python program and supports the database engine.

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