Starting a new booster club is no smaller a feat than starting a company. One needs to follow State rules for creating booster clubs. It needs knowledge and focuses on many different aspects of the organization like the business, administrative, and legal aspects.

This article details all the steps necessary to create and manage a booster club.

  • Obtain Approvals

Before starting the booster club, members should acquire the necessary support and approval from the school administration. Without this support, operating a booster club will be similar to fighting a constant battle. Members should also try to form a separate booster club for different activities to appeal more to a specific group of people.

  • Create an Identity

It’s important to choose a unique name for the booster club that represents the defines the club’s purposes. This name should then be registered with the state. Another part of an entity’s identity is their mission. It should be clear and concise and describe why the group exists, who it benefits, and what are its core values and priorities.

  • Distribute Positions and Roles

A booster club requires various roles to be filled in order to function. People filling these roles are called officers and can be event directors, vice presidents, digital chairs, administrative liaison, volunteer coordinator, auditors, webmasters, fundraising coordinator, travel coordinator, and scholarship committee among others.

  • Elect the Board of Directors

The board of directors are responsible for running the club. It should consist of a President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Certain members can be enlisted for these roles. After that, an election can decide the positions based on experience and leadership qualities.

  • Seek Legal Counsel

Booster clubs have to abide by the federal and state rules. Apart from managing and running them, there are different State Rules For Creating Booster Clubs as well. Legal counsel helps booster clubs in becoming aware of all the applicable rules and regulations so that they don’t accidentally break any of them.

  • Fill and Submit your Articles of Incorporation

The Articles of Incorporation establish the existence of a club’s not-for-profit organization. While some states do require a small fee, it’s a relatively simple and inexpensive process.

  • Open a Bank Account

It is advised that a booster club open a temporary bank account before receiving proper state and federal approvals. But later on, the club is free to establish a permanent bank account with a reputable bank which they deem as convenient to access and supportive of the organization.

In conclusion, parents and supporters should obtain necessary approvals, create a positive identity, determine the functioning, and work within legal limits by following the state laws regarding booster clubs to support their children or teams in the most effective way possible.