Writing a good, engaging and compelling book is a great achievement. Some of the aspirant writers who are passionate about their work know the importance of developmental editing for the success of their writing career. A great novel needs dedication, hard work, time and patience and a book with perfect organization and structure, plotting and pacing, characterization, voice, tone, and overall substance is bound to keep readers engaged and involved eventually writers can get the recognition they deserve. Seek the help of an editorial service that offers comprehensive support to writers and develops invaluable writing skills.

Feel confident

Development editing can significantly improve the quality of your work as it not only covers copy editing but some other essential aspects such as flow, clarity, structure, substantive changes, thorough checks for consistency, etc. Most of the experienced editors respect the unique voice of the author and focus on strengthening the structure and content of the manuscript without tempering the personal writing style of the writer. In development, editing editor gives unbiased and honest feedback and ideas to the author and helps him/her to fix the errors without overriding the emotion of the author.

Evaluate skill set

Choosing the right editing partner is crucial; otherwise, you might put your hard work and reputation at risk. Before selecting any editor first evaluates the experience, professionalism, and performance and then proceeds accordingly. Some of the critical skills that can be expected from prominent editor are

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Concentration, perseverance, attention to detail
  • High level of imagination and initiative
  • Quickly grasp underlying concepts and themes
  • Respect others’ views

Worth investment

Self-editing or edited by friends could be a cost-effective option but sometimes due to lack of editing skills, some of the great novels go unappreciated hence hiring an experienced editor will ensure that when your book is ready for publishing it is clear, compelling and impeccable.