Attending University in Southampton? The Best Way to Live in the City for Students

Southampton is a south coast city located about 60 miles south-west of London. There is plenty to see and do here and the climate is just about the best you can expect anywhere else in the country.

Southampton is a city with so much to offer. A number of students live in the heart of this metropolis. So, you will be in good company and like-minded individuals throughout your time spent here.

The city boasts an enormous shopping district, known as the West Quay. There are over 100 shops here selling all sorts of clothing, audio and designer goods. Just about every major eating house chain has a place to dine on the go here and the student apartments are located within a two-minute walk from all these retail outlets.

The apartments are very nice indeed. Weekly rent at Park House Student Apartments start from just £187 per week and that is all inclusive. This means that following your initial weekly rent payment there will be no hidden costs added to the financing of your student stay.

Park House is a self-contained environment where you can mix and mingle with fellow students on the campus and live within a peaceful and safe space designed just for you. Park House has this simple billing structure that allows you to pay the weekly rent and get all your amenities without further cost. So, the worry about using things like water, electricity, contents insurance, television licence fee and internet usage is simply not there as these are all yours to use as you wish.

So, what is like inside Park House? There are nice, comfortable common rooms to socialise with fellow students, a games room with table football and darts, an indoor bike rack for maximum security and every room has a bathroom and toilet attached.

Free Wi-Fi is available across the campus and you will not have far to go to attend university each morning either. The Solent University is just five minutes’ walk away and the University of Southampton is a 20 minute bus ride away. There is a university link bus stop outside the campus and a regular service ferries students to and from this stop.

Social life in Southampton is ideal for students. There are many bars and restaurants within a five minute walk from campus and an excellent way to extend your social life with fellow students.